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Mark Arrimour


As President of Total Turf Services, Inc. Mark has over 30 years experience in the Green Industry. He started the company Pennink Arrimour which provided Landscape and Golf Services in the Northeast. The company’s rapid growth was generated by providing high quality and high safety standard that clients demanded. Mark is a black belt in Six Sigma and sits on industry and local boards. Total Turf Services has developed into one of the top Golf Renovation/Irrigation Companies in the country. Many courses that Total Turf Services has worked on have won National Recognition, such as Golf Renovation of the year 2004 for White Manor Country Club, Malvern, PA. The company’s main goal is to provide quality work in a safe environment for our employers and clients.

Greg Hufner
Vice President


As Vice President, Greg oversees all aspects of the company’s golf operations. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Stockbridge School of Agriculture, he has spent the past 20+ years working within the golf course industry.  With experience as a Golf Course Superintendent, Director of Golf Course Operations and General Manager, Greg is well versed in operations and the business side of the golf course construction. His hands on approach insures that all customer experience high level of services and satisfaction through the construction/renovation process. Greg’s relationships with Golf Course Architects and Superintendents are instrumental in company’s development and expansion throughout the country.

Bryon Arrimour
Director of Operations

After achieving his bachelor’s degree in business management in 2006 Bryon came into the company as a full time employee. Prior to working full time at Total Turf Golf Bryon worked many summers in golf course construction and maintenance, landscaping, and general construction. He brings many skills and ideas into the company, helping us become more efficient in our daily operations. He works closely with our project managers to ensure that all jobs are on time and on budget and he manages our fleet of over 600 assets, making sure that the right equipment gets to the jobs and is working properly. As a member of the leadership team Bryon helps to ensure that all team members at Total Turf Golf live by our company Core Values of Integrity, Quality, Safety and Care.



Todd Busch
Golf Operations Manager - Southeast


Todd has been around golf his entire life.  While earning an undergrad degree in Mathematics, he played collegiate golf at Appalachian State University followed by graduate school at University of Florida where he earned a Masters in Landscape Architecture.  During his time at University of Florida, he began his now 20+ year career in the golf course industry.  As Golf Operations Manager, Todd is responsible for managing all aspects of construction and renovation projects in the Southeast.  His ability to work closely with Golf Course Architects and Superintendents alike proves to be an integral quality leading to the successful execution of projects time and time again.

Kyle Likely
GPS Project Coordinator


Kyle’s passion for golf started at an early age and has only grown stronger over the years.  A graduate of Cornell University with a degree in Landscape Architecture, he brings technical design expertise coupled with a wide breadth of experience in golf course maintenance at the professional level. As GPS Project Coordinator, Kyle manages all surveying and mapping applications for golf renovation projects nationwide, serving as a liaison between Project Managers, Superintendents, and Course Architects.  He is instrumental in overseeing all phases of a given project, including bidding, material ordering, production tracking, and final as-built/record drawings.

Carlos Tamayo
Senior Project Manager

Carlos brings his extensive knowledge of golf course construction, renovation and irrigation to the Total Turf Golf team. Carlos excels when it comes to project management. His attention to detail and organization is exemplary. Carlos has Bachelor's degree in accounting and business management, Technician’s degree in Computer Systems Analyst in a Foreign University, Master's degree in Counseling in The Christian University of North Carolina. Carlos has performed: 18 Hole golf course renovation / construction and irrigation system renovation / installation at, Galloping Hill G. C., Silver Creek C. C., Greenwich Country Club, Springdale Country Club, Prince William G. C., Country Club of Scranton, Morristown C.C., Green Lakes G. C., Little Mill C. C., Apple brook Country Club and Lancaster Country Club, etc., etc.      With over 15 years of experience in the golf industry makes Carlos handle any kind of Golf Course projects either: Construction or Irrigation.

David Gandell
Senior Project Manager

David has been involved in the Golf Course Construction industry for over 25 years. His love for the game has developed from his early days as a Shaper up until present day, where he has spent the last decade as a Project Manager. With over a dozen new course constructions and a host of renovations under his belt, Dave has seen and learned the intricacies of golf course construction while building courses for noted designers such as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Pete Dye and Arthur Hills. Dave has been recognized for his ability to manage and complete large scale projects in a professional and timely fashion, producing a high quality end result that satisfies the goals and desires of both client and architect alike.

Juan Rodriguez
Project Manager

With over 20 years of experience, Juan has been involved in all facets of Golf Course Construction industry.  His work experiences have allowed him the opportunity to work on both new course construction as well as golf course renovations, having been involved in development of 6 new golf course and the renovation of over 50 courses, throughout the United States and abroad. Juan's unique ability to read a set of plans and be able to understand the architects vision for a project, along with his attention to detail and care he takes of their property have made him a favorite amongst the Architects and Superintendents he has worked with.

John Lytle
Project Manager

John's interest in the golf course industry began while working on the maintenance crew at Fountain Head Country Club in Hagerstown, MD.  In 2008, John enrolled at the Institute of Applied Agriculture at the University of Maryland where he later graduated with a degree in Golf Course Management. John has held several positions within the Turfgrass Industry including Irrigation Technician and Assistant Superintendent throughout the MD-DC area.  John has gained valuable Construction, Renovation and Irrigation experience while working at several clubs. He has been a part of several large and small scale Renovation and Irrigation projects from which he has gained valuable firsthand knowledge and experience of all aspects of a successful renovation project.

Kyle Altenbach
Project Manager

Kyle’s interest in the golf course industry was sparked while caddying throughout his high school and college years at Saucon Valley Country Club in Bethlehem, PA.  Kyle attended the Pennsylvania State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture.  During his college career, he received scholarships from both the J. Wood Platt Foundation and the Golf Course Builders Association of America following a successful internship in the golf course construction/renovation industry. Since then, he has worked on various golf courses up and down the east coast managing a wide variety of projects including greens construction, bunker and tee renovation, irrigation installation, stream bank restoration, pond dredging and erosion control installations.     

Gary Collins
Better Billy Bunker Project Manager

Gary has over 40 years in the Green Industry having worked for several large scale Landscape Construction companies. He is well versed in Landscape Construction, Irrigation Installation, Grading and Drainage and Hardscape which serves him well as our Project Manager for Better Billy Bunker (BBB) installations. Gary works closely with all of the other Project Managers to coordinate the applications and quality control for BBB installations insuring that BBB projects meet the rigorous specifications. Gary is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys fishing and hunting and running in his free time.

Manuel Peralta
Assistant Project Manager

Manuel started his career in the golf course business in 1997 with Total Turf Golf Services parent company, Pennink-Arrimour Golf. Over the past 18 years he has worked his way up through the ranks and has honed his skills as a Laborer, Operator and Shaper. Through the years he has gained valuable experience that help him in his current position. Manuel has had the opportunity to the work on 5 New Course Construction projects and over 75 Renovation projects during his tenure with our company.  His versatility and ability to not only manage, but also contribute to a project as an Operator and Shaper makes Manuel a valuable part of our company.

Matt McGarey
Assistant Project Manager 

Matt grew up in a family where golf course design and construction were the subjects of many table conversations. That exposure to golf at a young age, along with the opportunity to play many great courses, enabled him to learn the complexities of golf course architecture as well as construction techniques. After attending Bond University in Australia followed by studies in Industrial Design, Matt committed full time to a career building golf courses. While following an architect’s guidance, he is equally comfortable using any of the various tools needed to implement the design intent. Matt has joined teams to work on a variety of projects in the USA, Turkey, Panama, China, New Caledonia and most recently, Portugal. His remodel/renovation experience with classic courses includes The Golf Club, Castle Pines Golf Club, Cherry Hills C.C. and Nassau C.C.

Luke Dye - Asst PM.JPG
Luke Dye
Assistant Project Manager 


Luis Peralta
Henry Vincente - Shaper_edited.jpg
Henry Vicente
Jose Tamayo
Javier Naula
Cipriano Arellano
Catalino Arellano
Salvador Arellano
Kevin Meyer


Toni Boyd-Truemper
Chief Financial Officer
Susan Adamson
Office Manager
Adam Ali
Jackie Hawthorne - Admin Asst_edited_edi
Jackie Hawthorne
Administrative Assistant
Glenn Coffin
Shop Manager
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